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a last big thank you
It’s been almost three weeks since our last show with Creeping Vengeance. We now want to say a few last words in this, probably being the last last, news entry:

The last gig at the Hellvetia Day VI was great fun to all of us. It has been such a pleasure to see so many people who have always been important to Creeping Vengeance and its members. You made it possible to end our band history with a night that will stay in our memories for a long time! Of course, we will see most of you at one or an other concert. So long, and thanks for all the fish!!

Creeping Vengeance

The line up for the band that follows Creeping Vengeance, named KURSK, is now complete. Sandro Klopfstein, who was responsible for the Layout and Promo pictures for “The Diary”, has taken the position of the singer and will also produce the electronic sounds. We are all thrilled and eager to know what will come out of this collaboration and are currently working on new songs and making them fit for performance. But ’till you can see us on stage you’ve got to be patient, since Matthias is going to stay in England for about six months.
We’re trying to put some effort into creating a new website for KURSK, so that you can gather all information you’d like.

So long


shirts available
We kept our promise and are now proud to announce that from today on, Creeping Vengeance shirts are available. T-shirts come in M, L and XL, Girlie Shirts come in S, M and L.

Just take a look at our Merch Section!


the end is near
After the last news-entry there has been, inside the band, a lot of discussing and “visionising”. After very long consideration, our friend and vocalist Loïc has decided to quit Creeping Vengeance out of a lack of motivation and personal reasons.

Furthermore, in the last month, we have put nearly a 100% of our creativity and energy into our new project so that we came to the conclusion to put an end to Creeping Vengeance. I addition, we couldn’t face the prospect of Creeping Vengeance without Loïc.

That’s why we want to consider our confirmed MDHF-gig on december 23 as the last concert of Creeping Vengeance. On this occasion we want to realise our promise, which has been uttered many times, and will turn up with T-shirts and girlie-shirts.

We thank all of you who have in any way supported us throughout this wonderful time and thus offered us 6 unforgettable years.

About the new band we don’t want to reveal too much, as it is not at all possible at this stage of development.
Only this can be said: the music can roughly be defined as Alternative, Post Metal and Noise Core. To complete the fix line up, we are currently looking for two important people: A vocalist (who is able to sing clean parts as well as shouted parts) and an electronic-maniac (synth, samples, frequency-handling, Theremin etc.) I you are interested please contact us via

We hope to have clarified the whole situation and we will see you all at the Hellvetia Day VI!

Creeping Vengeance


confirmed gigs
Creeping Vengeance is on stage again. For exact dates and information visit our concert section.