Due to the fact that there has been a certain silence around us we have decided to let you now what was its cause:

Creeping Vengeance is currently working on a new/additional challenge in the shape of a musical project. As a result, we focussed mainly on new material that clearly differs from our previous stilistic orientation. Our aim is, in a nearby future, to enter the stage with a new name, with new music, but with the same band members. At this point of time we don’t want to reveal more about this project and its stilistic orientation for, first, the entire idea is very fresh and, second, we don’t want to let us put in categories (yet).

However, there is a long way to go untill we get at the point of actually entering a stage with new material. Therefore, Creeping Vengeance is not dead and we will be glad about any request for a concert to play! For instance, we will play at Altdorf on 13.05.2006. For more details, check the concerts section.

We will keep you up to date, of course!

Creeping Vengeance


After very, very long months of waiting we are now able to put online a few mor reviews to “The Diary”. Among these you will find a review that was published in the legendary and well known British Terrorizer Magazine. But convince yourself…

In addition, we have to announce, as the most attentive among you may have realized, that the gig in St.Imier has been pre-poned for a day. But show up anyway and we’ll have a hell of a party!!


attention!! part 2
Unfortunately, Deceit had to cancel their show on 26.11.2005 in Zofingen. Instead, there will be Mumakil, headlining the show. Still a very satisfying replacement, isn’t it?
We still hope to see you all there!!Ps: The day before, on 25.11.2005, we will play at the denk:mal in Bern (Ostermundigen). We would appreciate to see some long-haired freaks there!


Due to problems in the organisation, the gig of following Saturday (29.10.05) has been restructured a little bit. The whole thing now starts at the Factory Club in the Selve Areal in Thun. Amagortis, Abgrund and Stryba Drag are NOT going to play, and we will enter the stage at app. 00:30, followed by Necropolis.

Sorry for the changes… Although, you are very welcome to join us anyway!!


We have now put the first reviews of “” online for you to read. More will follow as soon as possible.


new mp3 and gig
To provide a better insight into “The Diary” for you, we have uploaded one more song into our mp3-section. In addition, we’re finally going to play in french-speaking Switzerland after almost 4 years! Check the date under “concerts”!!


upcoming shows
After our summer-break, we enter stages with fresh energy! So, we had to update our concert page because there are two new dates to find in it. Check it and we’ll meet on stage!!


“The Diary” out now
Finally we reached the end!! Proudly, we can announce: Our Album “The Diary” is now available and you can immediately order it on the merchandise page.

You can from now on get a sample song on the mp3 page!

Additionally, we have got new copies of our Demo, so “Fury Unleashed” is available again.